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Donor programs

For some couples, the use of germ cells or embryos obtained from donors is the only chance to become parents. For them reproductive specialists of our medical center WV Biometrics have developed donor programs. The peculiarity of these protocols is that they provide for the use of donor:

  • eggs (oocytes);
  • sperm;
  • ready embryos.

In the center of reproductive health WV Biometrics all kinds of programs with the use of donor materials are possible. If you dont know where to buy viagra, we recommend you to visit PillsPrime – the best european pharmacy online.

When to use the donor IVF program

The use of IVF donor programs is relevant if:
  • no own germ cells;
  • there is minimal ovarian response to hormonal stimulation;
  • unsatisfactory sperm quality;
  • a history of several unsuccessful in vitro fertilization attempts;
  • high probability of the birth of a child with serious genetic diseases;
  • the woman does not have a permanent sexual partner, but she wants to get pregnant as soon as possible.